Get a discounted CHUWI tablet or laptop on Black Friday

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Big sales day is coming once again with the emergence of Black Friday in a week, but most of the e-shops and manufacturers are already prepared for the big day in advance. And the famous laptop and tablet makers CHUWI are of course no exception and will be offering quite a sizable discounts for most of their product portfolio. The price slashes can go as high as $76 so it’s certainly worth checking out their Black Friday offers.

Most of the CHUWI’s major sales deals will kick off directly on Black Friday on November 28th and will last until December 2nd. So you will have few days to fully decide about the best deals out there, but it’s still recommended to scout the deals in advance so you know what to aim for. Full details are of course available on their official website, so make sure to visit that too. And now for the comprehensive table of the available CHUWI products on sale, you will see Mini PC models sprinkled there too in between the usual laptop and tablet pieces.


Activity projectproductActivity price/Original priceDate
Black FridayHi9 Pro$111.99/$139.99Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST
Black FridayHipad LTE$127.99/$159.99Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST
Black FridayHeroBook (4+256)$183.99/$229.99Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST
Black FridayGbox Pro$151.99/$189.99Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST
Black FridayLapBook Pro$303.2/$379Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST
Black FridayHi9  Pro$111.99/$139.99Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST
Black FridayGTBOX$239.99/$299.99Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST
Black FridayHI10 AIR$135.99/$169.99Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST
Black FridayHerobook$159.99/$199.99Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST
Black FridayHI9 PLUS set$175.99/$219.99Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST
Black FridayHIPAD LTEset$143.99/$179.99Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST

There is also a simple wish list promo running up until November 29th, where you can easily just apply for a discount coupon to a particular product and you will receive it in the mail. Furthermore you can win one of the three free UBook Pro tablets (N4100 processor version) in the Gleam giveaway so check that out on the official website too.

Probably the most appealing category of CHUWI products are the laptop models and most of them are in the $200-$400 price range. So we can easily divide them into simple recommendations : if you want a cheap durable one with good price/performance ratio and under $200 then go for the HeroBook model. Under $300 section will give you LapBook Pro with better specs and design, but the pinacle will be reached with under $400 with the great looking AeroBook sporting the Core M processor. HappyBlack Friday hunting !

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