Huawei: The world is benefiting from China’s 5G development

Huawei 5G

From November 20th to 23rd, the first World 5G Conference was held in Beijing. Xu Zhijun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Building a Shared 5G Industry Ecology” at the conference. He said that China has the conditions to make 5G the best 5G in the world. He also added that the world is sharing the dividend brought by China’s 5G development.

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Xu Zhijun said that China is the best in terms of spectrum resources, number of base station sites and construction capabilities. According to him, China also leads in consumer perceptions and needs, industry and enterprise participation, and government support.

At the same time, China has the most complete terminal industry chain and the world’s leading 5G technology. Furthermore, Chinese companies account for more than 50% of global smartphone shipments. If we make full use of these advantages, we can make the best 5G in the world, he added.

Xu Zhijun also believes that the issuance and large-scale construction of China’s 5G licenses will drive the demand for global 5G network equipment and effectively promote the common development of network equipment providers in China, Europe, and the world at large. Huawei is currently the leading Chinese company in 5G technology development.


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