Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have a small secondary display

Galaxy Fold 2

Where do smartphones go? No one really knows it. Manufacturers are testing several formats to see which one captures the interest of consumers.

Recently, the clamshell format came back into fashion thanks to Motorola and its new Razr foldable phone. At Huawei, Mate X has the look of a smartphone unfolding in a tablet. For Samsung and its Galaxy Fold, it is rather a tablet that can close in a smartphone.

Small front screen for the Galaxy Fold 2

Motorola RAZR

But the Korean manufacturer is not going to stop there, and has already announced its ambition to create another foldable smartphone with the same idea as the Razr. Bring back the flip phone fashion. This is presumed to be the Galaxy Fold 2, which should be announced at the beginning of the year 2020.

Now, we learn a new thing about it: unlike the first model, it would not be really usable once closed. Indeed, the code of One UI 2.0 was analyzed by Max Weinbach of XDA Developers, who was thus able to determine that the next foldable smartphone of Samsung would integrate a small screen for displaying notifications when it is closed.

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He has indeed discovered a charging animation of a device called “Bloom”. Which is the code name of Samsung’s next foldable smartphone, and the front screen is called “bloom_front” suggesting its appearance on the front of the device. The size of this animation connotes the existence of an external screen in a small format, a small rounded rectangle that shows the notifications quickly without opening the smartphone. On the other hand, its size makes it possible to already establish that it would be difficult to do anything more on this zone.

Note that a second animation exists in blue, whose movement is faster. It emphasizes the existence of a fast recharge, which Max Weinbach indicates to be greater than or equal to 25W. That would be vastly better than the Galaxy Fold’s 10W.

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  1. Randy Marklowitz
    November 24, 2019

    Dumb, it needs a bigger front display. Wont buy until it has a full screen on front.