Huawei’s Ark compiler wins Northeast Asia excellence award

Recently, the Northeast Asia Open Source Software Promotion Forum held in Seoul, South Korea. This event had IT Directors from Northeast Asia and other parts of the world. Huawei’s Ark Compiler won the 2019 “Northeast Asia Excellent Open Source Project ” award.

Huawei Ark compiler

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According to reports, the selection of “excellent open-source projects in Northeast Asia” has strict standards. The winners have to be outstanding in terms of openness, innovation, and effectiveness. At present, the Ark compiler adopts the Mulan open source license. At the same time, the Ark compiler supports multiple programming languages. It also supports cross-language, compilation optimization, and a variety of chip platforms.

Huawei’s Ark compiler is a painstaking work from Huawei. Its development took over ten years. For Android, it provides a new system and application compilation and operation mechanism. From dynamic compilation to static compilation, it also directly compiles high-level languages ​​directly. Furthermore, the machine code completely eliminates the overhead of virtual machine dynamic compilation and achieves compatibility between development and operation efficiency.

Huawei claims that the Ark compiler can improve system fluency by 24%, system response speed by 44%, and third-party applications can be up to 60% after recompilation. At the HDC Developers Conference in August this year, Huawei announced that it has partnered with more than 40 top developers to compile and optimize various popular applications.


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