Appy Pie’s App Builder helps you make professional business apps without coding!

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Apps are necessary for a business to survive in this extremely competitive era of the smartphone-based consumer market. This is made possible by the convenience brought on by smartphones. It, however, comes at the cost of expensive technologies. Making a smartphone is difficult, and it requires many applications to function. In addition to that, app technology is equally difficult to create. The widespread acceptance of smartphones in the market makes smartphone apps a significant driving force for business revenue. So how about making it easy with Appy Pie’s App Builder ?

App making is a cost-intensive process that requires developers, designers, tech teams, etc. Professional apps are hard to make, and most businesses cannot afford to invest so much in app-making. This is where Appy Pie’s app builder comes in. This unique DIY app building platform helps you make affordable apps for your business. The fun part is that you don’t need coding, to make your apps on Appy Pie.

You can have your app ready to go live on the Play Store or Apple App Store, within minutes. Both beginners and professionals will enjoy making apps with Appy Pie’s app builder thanks to its beautifully designed & ergonomic dashboard supported by easy-to-use controls. You can make an app suited to all types of business. You can add the most complicated coding features with a simple click or by dragging and dropping them into your app. Want to know how the app is made?

It’s just a three 3 step process :

Making an app with Appy Pie’s app builder

Step 1: Enter the name of your app and choose a layout:

The process of making your app with Appy Pie begins by entering the name, you’ve decided to give to your app. Once that is done, you get to choose the layout of the app which will determine how your app will look once it is ready. The layout can be customized further. Once you’ve chosen a layout that you like, the next aspect is designing it further.

Within a few clicks, you can add background images, your logo, your brand’s name and decide on a color palette for your app. The dashboard for designing the look of your app is easy to understand, even for people with no knowledge of, or experience in the field of design.

Appy Pie also provides layouts of popular apps like Uber for improving on existing app designs. Play around with the design feature to get your perfect app design!

Step 2: Add Features:

Once you are happy with how your app looks, the next step is adding relevant features. Appy Pie has an inbuilt smart assistant that adds default settings based on the app category you’ve chosen. It even suggests the features best suited to the app category you’ve entered making it easier to add features to your apps.

Appy Pie’s app builder provides 200+ features to add to your apps. Everything from graph pages to VR-capabilities can be added by a click or a simple drag-n-drop function. The app maker gives you total control over the kind of app you want to create for your business. You can even convert your existing website into an app with this app builder.

The features themselves can be customized further giving you complete control on the way they will work on your app. To customize a particular feature, simply click on it to open its editor console. Remember, you can do all this without any coding whatsoever!

Step 3: Testing & Publishing

The next step is testing and publishing the app. Once you’re happy with the features & the appearance of your app, you can move on to the testing phase. Scan a QR code generated by the software and download your app to test it.

Once you’re satisfied with your app, simply publish it to the store of your choice.

That’s it. Your app is live!

Benefits of using Appy Pie’s App Builder:

  1. Development without coding:Possibly the greatest advantage of Appy Pie’s app builder, is the no-code capability of the software. Convenience and ease-of-use make it an excellent choice for people without coding knowledge. Understanding the interface is also relatively easy. A few hours with the interface will make you comfortable enough to start making apps.
  2. Affordability:When compare to traditional app development, Appy Pie is a very affordable alternative. The sheer affordability makes this a no-brainer choice for small businesses.
  3. Complete Creative Control:Appy Pie’s app builder gives you complete control over the working of your app which allows you to tweak it, send updates and change features as required.
  4. Offline Functionality and Real-Time Updating:You can edit and update your app in real time. You can customize your app with an app. This amount of portability is admirable.
  5. No ads: Appy Pie’s app builder has no ads in the apps created. This ensures that your apps are not overloaded with ads and spoil user experience.
  6. Versatility:200+ features ensure that you can make all kinds of apps using this platform. New features are added regularly to the platform and older features are updated frequently for new functionalities. This ensures that apps made on the platform don’t feel a decade old.

Appy Pie’s app builder is a very practical offering for any small business. It gives you access to a superb technology which is backed by excellent customer support. No longer does a business need a dedicated development team. The company also provides excellent tutorials and an extensive knowledgebase for the software, making it easy to understand and use.

Appy Pie also provides multiple advanced products for businesses to use, including an equally efficient website builder, both LiveChat and Chatbot building software, and an excellent PWA store for downloading PWA apps for Android, iOS and Symbian. Finally, the provide a workflow automation system called Appy Pie Connect which can be used to scale your website efficiently.

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