Black Friday deals on the official XIDU store

XIDU store

XIDU, as an emerging brand that has attracted much attention overseas, has its own shops on platforms such as Amazon and AliExpress. In order to further expand business around the world, integrate its product resources, and improve shopping experience, XIDU has now developed a new sales channel—XIDU Store. This is a separate site of XIDU and is now officially open at

The XIDU independent site adopts the design of a flat web layout, which in a scientific and technological sense, caters for the aesthetics in this community. The web page is mostly light colors with a bright style, which keeps visitors focused when browsing the page. There are two buttons Rewards and Chat With Us in the lower left and right. The interaction between the mouse and the web is smooth and cool.

The entire site is divided into five sections: Home, Laptop, Blog, FAQ and About Us. The Home section is an overview of the site and provides an introduction to the products being sold, the latest promotion and the latest product. In the Laptop section, you can see the products on sale. Click the product image and you will see more details of the product about its inventory, logistics and discount. There is a button for putting the product directly into your shopping bag. In the Blog section, you can see the latest news of XIDU, and learn about its new products and product evaluation. The FAQ section selects common questions from users and our answers. Finally, the About Us section provides a detailed introduction to XIDU’s brand story and the company’s history.

The site currently holds online five notebooks, Philbook Max, Philbook, Tour Pro, Philpad, and the latest model–PhilBook Pro. The XIDU Official shop will continue to optimize the shopping experience, reduce cumbersomeness, and also support interactions such as online consultation and membership registration. As our business grows, we will develop and provide more new products in the future. Make sure to follow XIDUSTORE, learn about the latest brand/product information, and more importantly we have surprises and gifts for our every customer.

More discounts are waiting for you:

  1. Free shipping for all buyers,shipping time from 1-3 days.
  2. For all users can get a $50 discount directly when purchasing laptops
  3. People can get more coupons by earn points,the discount can be 3%、5%、8%, the more points you get, the more discount you will earn

To celebrate black Friday Shopping Festival, we have our lowest prices and free gifts for you on official store. Come and get your favorite laptop! And more great coupons please click here.

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