Huawei Sound X Has Audio Quality Level of 10,000-yuan Speakers

Huawei Sound X

Huawei recently released the Sound X speaker in Shanghai․ It is a flagship product that was created jointly by Huawei and Devialet. The Huawei Sound X is priced at 2000 yuan ($285), but as the company claims, it provides a sound quality identical to the 10,000 yuan ($1423) models.

Huawei CEO, Yu Zhengdong talked about the benefits of the Sound X during an interview with media. He said it has higher practicality than traditional high-end speakers. You can talk to the Sound X directly if you want to listen to any music you want.

Yu Zhengdong also noted that it uses new technologies to deliver good sound quality with large speakers on low sound. The Huawei Sound X comes with excellent sound quality and has no competitors in the market at present․

Huawei Sound X

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The Huawei Sound X comes with a 60W double subwoofer. At the same time, it is equipped with a patented speaker and active matching signal processing technology. With a unique symmetrical subwoofer design jointly tested with the Paris laboratory, the speaker provides a shocking audio experience.

In addition, the Sound X uses a symmetrical acoustic design. This allows the two speakers to cancel the back wave interference generated by the two speakers. As a result, we will have a noiseless and energetic sound experience.

The Sound X is the first smart speaker certified by Hi-Res. The treble extends to 40 kHz. At the same time, they are way richer.

In addition, the speaker supports one-touch transmission. A single touch on a smartphone can transmit sounds to the speaker for playback. When the smartphone gets a call, the speaker’s music is automatically paused.

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