Germany supports Huawei: calls for a European united front on Chinese 5G suppliers

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel
German Chancellor, Angela Merkel

According to Reuters, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, called on European countries to take a common stand on Chinese suppliers’ participation in 5G network deployments. According to her, diverse opinions from Europe could have a catastrophic impact on the continent. In a debate at the German parliament, she said that one of the biggest dangers in the region is that “European countries will have their own policies toward China.”. Her recent statements suggest that Germany supports Huawei.

Huawei 5G

Merkel said Germany and France should first agree on a common approach to China. This can now extend to a broader European stance. According to her, 5G undoubtedly requires more stringent security measures. Nevertheless, she argued that “just as we must define (it) for ourselves, we must also discuss this with other European partners”. If Germany supports Huawei as suggested by Merkel’s latest statements, the US will obviously not be happy about it.

For the German leader, 5G security regulations must cover a wide range, not individual companies. Merkel’s remarks are clearly a categorical rejection of the ongoing pressure from the US. In fact, when U.S. national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, issued a new warning to Germany not to cooperate with Chinese suppliers, they made reference to her remarks. Nevertheless, some German politicians want Huawei ban. They believe that all operators in the country cooperate with Huawei.

In truth, Huawei’s equipment is cheaper and more available. In fact, the company has a wider spread of devices for 5G support. It makes more sense for operators to deal with Huawei. However, in regions where the ban is active, operators have to turn to Nokia or Ericsson.

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