The US seeks to completely block Huawei

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According to Reuters, the US government is trying to give more weight to its famous blacklist that aims to block the business of the Chinese giant Huawei.

As you know, last May, the US Department of Commerce has banned Huawei Technologies, citing issues of national security. This action allowed the US government to limit collaboration between US companies and the Chinese group.

However, in line with current regulations, key foreign partners and supply chains have remained out of reach of US authorities. Such as the ARM group that supplies chips to Huawei HiSilicon.

Donald Trump seeks to amend two key rules to block Huawei


The administration of President Donald Trump is now looking to make changes to two key rules that could expand US power to block foreign suppliers from working with Huawei.

If the Commerce Department makes the proposed rule changes. It will allow US authorities to regulate the sale of non-sensitive components. Such as smartphone chips, manufactured abroad with American proprietary technology, software, or components.

The changes would represent “a major expansion of the reach of U.S. export controls and would be poorly received by U.S. allies and U.S. companies,”. Said Washington trade lawyer Doug Jacobson.

As a reminder, the United States has renewed for a third time the temporary general license granted to Huawei. Allowing it to engage in limited transactions to ensure the maintenance of US rural network operators. They also lifted the embargo for Microsoft, as well as another 74 licenses. Which allows Huawei to access Windows 10 licenses for its laptops.

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