Top Browsers List In China for November 2019

top browsers

What browser are you using? Is it fast? How fast? We are offering to take a look at the top browsers ranking in China for November 2019.

top browsers

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a fast, secure and free web browser that can meet the browser requirements of new websites. It allows you to use the web faster, easier and more securely. Google Chrome is super clean and easy to use.

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2. Firefox browser

Firefox browser is a free, open-source browser. It is suitable for Windows, Linux and macOS X platforms. Firefox browser is small and fast, and there are other advanced features as well. They include: tabbed browsing; makes internet surfing faster; pop-up windows can be disabled; custom toolbars; extended management; better search features; fast and convenient sidebar. The latest version has come with better code and more powerful features, including improvements to the installer, interface, and download manager.

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What other top browsers are popular in China?

3. 360 browser

360 browser is the best and most secure new-generation browser on the Internet. It has become a series of 360 security center products with 360 security guards, 360 anti-virus software and other products. Trojan horses have replaced viruses as the biggest threat on the Internet at present. 90% of Trojan horses use hacked websites to invade through ordinary browsers, and 2 million users visit infected websites every day.

4. Sogou browser

The Sogou browser is developed by Sogou. Based on Google’s Chrome core, it strives to provide users with a seamless experience across terminals. It’s a browser that makes it easier to surf the web and read web pages more smoothly. Sogou browser is currently the fastest and smoothest new browser on the Internet. It has the first “true dual-core” engine in China and uses a multi-level acceleration mechanism to greatly increase your Internet speed. It perfectly integrates the world’s fastest Webkit kernel. The best IE kernel guarantees good compatibility and greatly improves web browsing speed.

5. QQ browser

QQ Browser is a new generation of browser launched by Tencent. It uses a dual-browser mode of Webkit and ordinary IE to design a new interface interaction and program framework. The purpose is to create a fast, stable, secure, and high-quality web browser.

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