Firefox 71 is now official – adds many new developer tool features

Firefox 71 is now official. This release adds many new developer tools features, including a Web Socket Message Inspector, a console multiline editor mode, login events, and a web panel full-text search. It also adds many important new Web platform features. These includes CSS subgrids, column spans, Promise.allSettled and Media Session API.

FireFox 71

Updates for Firefox 71:

New function

Improvements to the integrated password manager Lockwise

  • Firefox now recognizes subdomains and will also automatically populate domain login information via Lockwise
  • Also, users with screen readers can now use Firefox Monitor’s integrated violation alert

More information on the enhanced tracking protection

  • Firefox will also block encryption miner notifications
  • Furthermore, by clicking on the address protection bar, you can access the running history of blocked trackers in the protection panel

And the picture-in-picture (PIP) function: allows the video to be contained in a separate small window, whether users switch from tab to tab or outside of the Firefox browser, you can still watch.

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  • New kiosk mode feature also provides maximum screen space for customer-facing displays


Adds support for developers, including:

  • DevTools Network panel can now inspect WebSocket messages. It also automatically format various framework formats
  • Console’s new multi-line editor mode provides an IDE-like experience, making iterating over longer code sections easier
  • The new resource blocking feature of the network panel can also simulate the effects of tracking protection, security, outages and bad connections for more reliable testing
  • In the US, more features and improvements can be found in each version of DevTools’ New Features panel


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