ATTENTION: Xiaomi MIUI call message feature is going offline


Today, Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, made an important announcement to all MIUI users. The company announced that the Xiaomi MIUI call message feature will no longer provide services. According to the company, its business is “going offline” and this feature will be unavailable. Unfortunately, it did not say if this is a temporary action or when it will be active again. It advised users to manually disconnect their devices to avoid missed calls.

Xiaomi MIUI call message

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Recall that in August 2018, Xiaomi officially launched the full version of the MIUI call message feature. At the time, users can access this feature on the “Global Internet Access” app that comes with MIUI. This feature is technically a reminder feature. If your phone is off or it is inconvenient for you to answer, the phone will show a voice reminder…”The owner is not available, please press 2″.

Many MIUI users, especially in China, makes use of this feature. This is because it is a fast way to leave messages after making a call that didn’t connect. Like we said earlier, the company did not say when this feature will be back online. This warning is to make sure that users don’t expect voice messages for missed calls.


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