Xiaomi Is The World’s Fourth Largest Smartphone Maker

Xiaomi Mi 10 (Xiaomi Devices)

Not that long ago, the mobile devices market recognized only one king – Nokia. But the emergence of smartphones helped HTC dethrone the Finnish brand. However, the glory of this Taiwanese manufacturer didn’t last long. Now the mobile world leaders are Samsung and Apple. But the Chinese smartphone maker companies are breathing down the neck of these two. Huawei has been in the third position for a couple of years. And in some quarters, it even surpasses the Cupertino-based company. But what about other China-based brands? When asking this question, most of you will think of Xiaomi. Today, the special conference held in Japan, the manufacturer official uncovered that Xiaomi is the world’s fourth smartphone maker.

Xiaomi smartphone maker

It turns out this manufacturer has deployed operations in more than 90 countries and regions around the world. But what’s interesting, in 42 countries and regions, Xiaomi has achieved good results, landing in the top five. This simply means, in almost half of the markets, Xiaomi is among the leaders. Thus, the recognition rate of this brand is quite high.

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But if Xiaomi’s performance is the smartphone market is expected, many are not aware of the myriads of products this company is launching. Say, Xiaomi has currently deployed more than 2,000 ecosystems and consumer IoT devices. Due to this, it has become one of the world’s largest consumer IoT platforms, with a total of 213.2 million IoT access devices.

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Xiaomi smartphone maker

Finally, Xiaomi also emphasized that hardware profits will be guaranteed to not exceed 5% in all markets.

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