IDC: China’s 5G Smart Terminal Shipments Will Approach 100 Million Units in 2020

Today, International Data Corporation (IDC) announced its outlook for the global and Chinese terminal markets in 2020 and beyond. It predicts that there will be nearly 100 million 5G smart terminal shipments in 2020, including 5G smartphones, tablets, notebooks, VR / AR and many other products. By 2023, annual shipments of 5G terminal products will exceed 400 million units. And we will see a series of new changes such as V2E (Voice to Everything), centralized deployment to decentralized deployment, and distribution of computing power architecture.

Main Predictions Concerning 5G Smart Terminal Devices And Other Aspects

Apart from this, IDC made a few predictions. Particularly, this company thinks in 2020, China will enter the first year of redistribution of consumer computing power. More terminal architectures will begin to develop around the way computing power works together. With the worldwide top-level IT architecture change, the computing power of terminal products will also focus on the collaborative development of front-end and back-end computing.

The V2E concept will cover a wide range of terminal products, driving China’s third Internet revolution, the “voice Internet era”. IDC predicts that 100 million people will use the voice interaction function in 2020.

With the changes in panel technology, computing architecture, and interactive technology, digital transformation is changing the form of terminals. More people will have trouble with the traditional definition of the terminal form.

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According to IDC statistics, more than 40% of users in 2020 will have more than one terminal device in the home application scenario. In 2016, China’s smartphone sales were close to 500 million units, marking the peak of centralized terminal entry. In 2020, the trend of terminal entry decentralization will further intensify.

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Digital native generation leads a new model of the consumer terminal market. More than 30% of people aged 1-14 will introduce consumer terminal products into their lives in 2020.

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5G-driven mobile applications are diversified, and OEMs are revolutionizing the development of in-car systems. In 2020, more than 80% of passenger car OEMs will consider cooperating with emerging technology companies to develop in-car systems (IVI OS) to support improved computing, storage, and access capabilities of the central control platform. Especially, the artificial intelligence assistants will be implanted as an access point for interaction and information.

5G changes the human lifestyle. IDC predicts that there will be nearly 100 million 5G smart terminal shipments in 2020. What’s more important is that the arrival of the 5G era will be a change in the way people live and work.

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