If you use a lock PIN code on your phone, watch out for this bug


A new bug found on Android 9 Pie and Android 10 has begun to grow. The users of Pixel, Sony Xperia and OnePlus phones have reported the problem. If you use a PIN code to lock your phone, you may be affected.

Mobile operating systems are not free of bugs. This is why regular updates are important to fix them. But sometimes, some bugs disrupt users’ devices. And when the problem is not resolved quickly, it just gets more disturbing.

This is the case a new bug discovered recently on some Android 9 Pie and Android 10 devices. According to Android Police, the site had previously reported the presence of a blocking bug on some Pixel phones under these versions, but the case is growing now while users of Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact and OnePlus 7 Pro indicate to get the same concern in Google forums.

PIN bug is making Android phones unusable

What is the problem? When you use a PIN as your smartphone’s lock method, it’s possible that a bug will hit you. Therefore, when you enter your PIN, the screen flashes black and the unlocking process does not work anymore. You will be “locked out”.

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It has been three months since the problem was reported for the first time and no solution has been found. The source of the bug has been identified. The “Synthetic Password Key” which verifies the match of the password typed with the one saved, can not access its decryption key, returning a “ null ” result that crashes the system.

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This very specific bug only concerns a handful of users. But in the absence of a well-identified source and a correction, we invite you to use an alternative way to lock your smartphone (complete password, diagram) or a (facial recognition, fingerprint reader) to secure your smartphone.

In this case, prevention is better than cure. Note that Google is aware of the existence of this bug and is now working on its correction.

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