Sony patents a “Portable Camera Vest” for extreme sports enthusiasts

Japanese manufacturer, Sony, is involved in numerous technology development from smartphones to gaming consoles. Sony is also one of the top companies in the camera market and it appears that the company is developing a “portable camera vest”. Actually, bodycams are available in all shapes and sizes. The areas of application are therefore wide, from simple action cameras for recreational use to robust, professional cameras for security, police or military purposes. Such camera systems also come in handy in sports, such as running or triathlon. A good action cam is extremely portable, comfortable and offers high image quality with effective image stabilization. This is what we expect from Sony in the future.

Portable Camera Vest

Sony action camera for the chest

Sony Corporation applied for a patent named “Portable Camera Vest” from the Japan Patent Office (JPO) at the end of 2018. It is seen from the file that in addition to a series of patent sketches, Sony also provides two color renderings of the device.

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From the patent sketches, the seat belt goes around the chest, and it has a rubber material strap. The camera will not fall easily if the user moves quickly or has a large range of motion. In addition, the mesh material is lightweight and provides good air permeability. On the front of the “Portable Camera Vest” is a high-quality compact camera. The camera has a detachable design that allows an easy replacement of the lens. This is great for sports like skydiving, skiing or motocross.

The product that Sony is currently developing, however, seems to be intended for (semi) professional sports purposes. For example, it can be an ideal auxiliary attribute for a referee during a football match. Just as the video referee made his appearance in the highest competition, in the form of the VAR (Video Assistant Referee).

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The patent does not speak about the functions and features of this bodycam. However, you can assume that Sony, as a leading camera sensor manufacturer, also opts for a solid image sensor. The general expectation will be at least 4K video compatibility. In summary, the patent description also notes that the harness has an integrated battery. In all, this is only a patent and there is no guarantee that this device will see the light of day.


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