Galaxy S11 camera will have features never seen before

The Samsung Galaxy S11 series are phones that we are looking forward to thanks to the different leaks we have seen about them. We have already learned that the distribution of cameras on the Galaxy S11+ will not be as messy as we saw in its first renderings, but there is still more information about it. Samsung’s next flagships are changing the key sections that users look for in the latest phones. This year, the camera will undergo a breakthrough.

Among other things, we know that these phones will have a 120 Hz refresh rate display. Which will allow you to enjoy a much more fluid user experience than what we find in its current catalog. Another aspect that caught our attention was its 108-megapixel camera, which we confirmed by the source code of the OneUI 2.0 camera app and that it would be an exclusive sensor, not the same as that of the Mi Note 10. This camera will be capable of doing something unique in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S11 camera

For a couple of years, the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy phones have not lived up to its competition, both in hardware and software. This year the thing could change radically with the new 108-megapixel camera that we will see on these phones. The resolution has high importance in photos if it was used correctly. Also, it seems that the next Samsung high-end phones will have pixel fusion technology that will allow combining physical pixels to work as a single larger one.

Until now, that fusion in the high-resolution cameras was 4 in 1. But Samsung will go even further with the Samsung Galaxy S11+ camera, the South Korean firm will merge 9 pixels in 1. Obtaining a huge simulated pixel size, the largest to date, of 2.4 μm. This will make the captured photograph 12 megapixels (108/9) and pixels of that size will allow or should allow, a low-light camera behavior much higher than what Samsung has accustomed us.

In a separate tweet, the leaker UniverseIce showcased the back design of the phone. The Galaxy S series is going to adopt the design of the A and M lineups. With a huge rectangle in the upper left corner.

Now we will have to see if the firm also decides to maintain the variable focal aperture with this camera. Or if having pixels of such a large size it prefers to opt for a fixed focal aperture. Anyway, we expect great things from the photographic section of the Samsung Galaxy S11.

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