Portable LTE Wi-Fi router and more on sale from Ebay


Giant online shopping marketplace Ebay is already for some time receiving a major influx of cheap chinese products and gadgets, even though it’s still a far cry from the glorious chaos and hustle of Aliexpress. But you can find there quite some interesting pieces of technology for very solid prices and today we will take a look at two of those. First we will inspect the portable LTE Wi-Fi USB router and then the latest smartband Huawei Band 4 Pro.

Popularity of the USB LTE modems is not at the highest peak right now, because it’s often much easier to just make a hotspot from your phone and connect with your notebook. But in some cases such gadgets have great benefits, like if you have a separate special LTE SIM card with data tariff or no worry about battery consumption. And one extra USB LTE Wi-Fi modem we have for you today with the Wi-Fi antenna too so it can work as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 devices. And you can get it just for $16.99 so no real expenditure needed.

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And then we have the new smartband Huawei Band 4 Pro featuring 0.95-inch color AMOLED display with tons of optional wallpapers. New generation of this smartband has also waterproof qualities, integrated NFC chip, independent GPS and 11 special tracking modes for up to 127 different sports activities. And the sensors can monitor not just your heartrate, but also take care of the blood oxygen. You can choose from three colors of the band (black, gold and red) and the price is also set pretty low, because you can find it on Ebay for example for just 53.49 €.

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