Apple Will Release Up To Four 5G iPhones Next Year

5G iPhones

Seems Apple will change the iPhone release cycle. Two new iPhones were released in the first half, and two more were released in the second half. The Cupertino-based company has started following this strategy for a certain reason. The shorter period of adjusting the product is to quickly respond to market feedback. According to the supply chain rumors, Apple is ready to launch 5G iPhones. There are four models in total, and the total stock is expected to reach 120 million units.

Apple iPhone SE2 stocking

At the same time, the industry chain sources revealed that there will be a wave of 5G smartphone replacements next year. In order to seize this opportunity, Apple is not willing to fall behind. So it has planned 4 models. And next year may also trigger the iPhone family’s biggest wave of phone replacements after the iPhone 6.

The latest news also mentioned that four new iPhones planned by Apple will use Qualcomm baseband. The model is expected to be X55. So it will support SA and NSA dual-mode networks. However, compared to Huawei, Qualcomm has not yet integrated 5G baseband into the processor.

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Due to the use of the latest baseband, Apple’s new iPhone will get rid of the signal problem. At the same time, the number of antennas of the new machine will also be greatly increased, and the requirements on the headroom will also be reduced. Apple will equip the new iPhone with three LCPs and support the millimeter-wave high-frequency band. This will significantly increase the speed of the Internet.

How Much Will Cost the 5G iPhones?

As for the price, the same sources mentioned that although the new iPhones will support 5G, Apple is also actively controlling the price of new machines. The result is that the new machines will not be much more expensive than the 2019 models. In China, the most expensive model costs 13,000 yuan ($1854).

In addition, some analysts also said that the four new iPhones that Apple will release next year will include a 5.4-inch iPhone, two 6.1-inch iPhones, and a 6.7-inch iPhone. Two of them are high-end models (6.1-inch and 6.7-inch variants) and they come with millimeter-wave support, a triple camera system, and a 3D lens. The other two are considered to be lower-end models (6.1-inch and 5.4-inch variants) and they will only support the slower Sub-6GHz 5G standard, coming with a dual-camera and no 3D lens.

What Else Besides 5G iPhones?

In addition to the four new models mentioned above, Apple may have an entry-level iPhone SE2 to be released next year, around March 2020. The design and hardware specs of the iPhone SE2 is very similar to the iPhone 8. For example, it is equipped with a 4.7-inch screen, and it provides two storage versions of 64GB and 128GB. As for color options, it will be available in deep gray, white, and red. The 3D Touch module will be removed, and the parameters were also upgraded to some extent. It will come with an A13 processor and a 3GB memory.

The upcoming iPhone SE2 is expected to become the best upgrade option for the existing iPhone 6 and 6S series of about 170-200 million users. After all, the configuration is higher and the price is relatively cheap. The price is expected to be less than 3,000 yuan ($428).

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