Samsung new patent shows a phone with a “stretchable display”

South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, is one of the leading companies in the smartphone industry. Netizens usually look forward to the next innovation from the company. According to Patently Mobile reports, a new Samsung mobile phone design patent was revealed last week. The patent shows that Samsung is working on a smartphone with a “stretchable display”. The display can increase its length by a few inches without any discontinuity.

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According to reports, Samsung has designs for telescopic screens, folding screens, and even flexible screens. The company hopes to patent these designs as soon as possible. The company applied for this new patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office in June. The patent was officially announced on Thursday (December 19).

The patent sketch shows that the Samsung phone has narrow left and right sides. However, the chin looks wide. The novelty of this phone is that it can expand the area of ​​the display screen. If the user wants to enlarge the display, they just need to “scroll” (there is a removable panel on the back). Like we always say, this is only a patent. There is no assurance that this design will go into production. In fact, many patents never see the light of day.

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