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Instagram Reels

Instagram has bought some incredible and remarkable new features like shopping features, stories, and desktop publishing access this 2019. But aside from these, you can still expect a lot from this one of the biggest social media platforms today. So do you want to know some of the top Instagram updates? If yes, then keep on reading. But before we proceed to that, we just like to inform that you can still buy Instagram followers. Thus if you’re planning to give this a try you can check this page

Instagram Hides Likes in the United States

Instagram has been moving from one place to another, to test the elimination of the like counters along the way. And now it is coming to the US market. 

However, brands should not panic after reading this news. While a loss in the social proof is not something to be excited about, it is not world-ending as well. 

Thought likes are already removed, there is still the comment section that you can use as a social proof. With this in mind, you need to use all the tools for boosting your engagement. 

As a piece of advice, run a few giveaways often and concentrate on engagement-driving content such as asking some questions. You can also increase your comment count by simply responding to every comment. 

Nevertheless, this update may badly affect influencers because likes are a huge deal to them. But as mentioned earlier, brands have nothing to worry about. 

The releases a “reels” mode that is inspired by TikTok

TikTok is an application that people can use to share and create vine-like and short videos. In fact, it is very popular among Millennials and Generation Z users. 

Nevertheless, since Instagram is always keeping an eye on their competitors, they are now doing the same thing with their newest “reels” mode feature. This mode that works within the stories of Instagram pretty much imitates all the major elements of TikTok. With this feature, Instagram users can now create, upload, and remix videos. 

In addition to that, there are other editing features that come in this mode.

Instagram is testing a new display layout for the IGTV

Currently, this social media network is trying out a new IGTV format that will make this feature more appealing. 

The new layout will be vertically resembling TikTok as well. Not only that, it will also display more content at the same time rather than utilizing the “television channel” approach they are presently going with. 

With this new update, users will be able to see scrollable and bigger titles making it simpler for them to see what a certain video is all about. Furthermore, users will be able to get categories that will let them view relevant content easily and quickly without searching for it. 


There is no question about it, Instagram is indeed one of the best social media platforms today. When it comes to releasing new features, Instagram will never disappoint its millions of users. Hopefully, you find this article interesting and helpful.

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