FCC: The US lost 5G to China due to insufficient talent

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It is no longer necessary to emphasize how important 5G is for the development of science and technology. All countries with little economic strength are grabbing 5G opportunities. Previously next-generation communications technologies are always in the US and Europe. However, in the 5G era, the US has lost to China. So why did the US fall behind Chinese companies in the 5G race? There are many analyses in this regard. However, most of them stem from the perspectives of 5G patents, technical standards, and 5G equipment. Nevertheless, Brendan Carr, a member of the FCC Communications Committee of the US believes that lack of talent also affects the US.

FCC on 5G

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According to Brendan Carr, industry data shows that there are not many 5G technical personnel in the US. In addition to the FCC, Jonathan Adelstein, chairman of the American Wireless Communications Infrastructure Association, also believes that the US needs to speed up the training of 5G talents. It is impossible for these technical employees to emerge out of thin air. This has become one of the major obstacles for the US to win the 5G competition. Jonathan Adelstein believes that China can mobilize 5G technical staff to build a large amount of 5G infrastructure faster and at a lower cost. 5G has become China’s priority, and 5G construction will accelerate its pace.

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