Huawei opens retail store with robotic staff

Huawei today opened its first smart unmanned retail store in Wuhan Optics Valley New Development International Center, China. The store is open 24 x 7 and is run by three robotic arms which are responsible for picking up items from the inventory and delivering them to the buyer.

In case you are not aware, Huawei is more than a smartphone company. Started as a telecommunication equipment manufacturing company in the late 1980s, Huawei has ventured into a wide range of businesses in the following years. Currently, it is well-known for consumer electronics, especially smartphones. To sell those products, the company has a number of retail shops across china other than an official online store.

huawei retail store

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Retail stores attract consumers as they are able to experience the products and buy them instantaneously. But there are some shortcomings of brick and mortar stores like limited timing, rental, labour fare, space, and more. To overcome this, Huawei opens its first smart unmanned retail store which neither takes up more space nor requires any employee. Above all, it is always open like any online store.

The newly opened smart Huawei store is cylindrical in shape with a bulletproof glass at the front. The store only sells smartphones and accessories as of now and includes one large and two small robotic arms which will pick up and pass the item ordered by the buyer from a touch panel located outside the shop. Additionally, buyers can order products online and pick them from this store.

Huawei is expected to open more stores like this across China if it receives positive feedback.

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