Xiaomi: Here is our plan in case we get banned by the U.S

Currently, it is Huawei to be put on the blacklist of the USA. But, what if Xiaomi has been added to the list too? Here’s what the company would do. During an interview, the Xiaomi product manager Abi Go talked about several interesting topics, including the US Ban issue.

For its part, Xiaomi is already ready for a possible ban on the part of the American government. The top executive said that part of the company’s revenue is already fueling manufacturing and semiconductor companies in order to create a chain that can make smartphones without counting on the help of US companies.

Xiaomi seems to have no fear if the “worst” happens

«We are currently evaluating the situation. But at the moment there has been no ‘contagion effect’. In fact, we are working ‘side by side’ and intensively with US companies, such as Qualcomm, in our chipsets, or Google, in our products of the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem.” says Xiaomi global product manager.

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“In any case, if in the future something happens we have a plan B. Among other things we are investing a lot in several semiconductor manufacturers in China. But we believe that our business strategy should not be conditioned by the decisions made by politicians. So far we have opted to integrate the best components in our products. In addition, we will continue to do so in the future”.

“We are convinced that what is really important is that we always do our best without caring about what our competitors do. We believe that it is positive to have competition because it forces us to try our best. Our strategy is to do what we think we should do, and always do our best.” says the Xiaomi spokeswoman.

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What about the software? Is it possible that Xiaomi can also rely on Harmony OS? In that case, Google should be careful, because it will lose its dominance in the mobile OS market.

We will see what will happen but Xiaomi seems to have no fear if the “worst” happens.

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  1. Pan Mor
    January 5, 2020

    It will not be sold globally if it is without Google Android and Qualcomm chipset

  2. George Dang
    January 6, 2020

    Android is open sourced, so anyone can just continue to use the is. As for Google services, it can be side loaded by user by downloading GMS installer on browser. Or just use competing email and map apps – Google maps isn’t the most reliable map app outside north America and Western Europe anyway. In most part of the world, especially Africa and central Asia, Google maps will lead you to dangerous routes.

  3. Robin Ooi
    January 6, 2020

    Yes, I agree Google Maps is definitely not accurate in Malaysia. Sometimes it direct the user to other places. I prefer Waze, which is more reliable. It’s outdated and not reliable. YouTube is asking user to pay for watching or listening to video music without ads. Life is difficult already without extra expenses.

  4. Pan Mor
    July 31, 2020

    Does.anyone knows why the battery on xiomi and redmi fades after 14 months?

  5. sandrokensan
    December 19, 2020

    DJI banned by US Government, so Xiaomi have less time to do plan B.

  6. Biggus Dickus
    January 15, 2021

    Re: "We believe that it is positive to have competition because it forces us to try our best." Then how about finding someone who can code your Bluetooth 5 chip to play 'Dual Audio"? I own 2 pairs of Chinese Edifier Bluetooth speakers. I want to hear music from both at the same time, just like Samsung and 2 other (forgot name) phones can do.