WhatsApp scam messages: watch out from this new year virus


In the past hours, there was a lot of talk about the “New Year’s Virus” of WhatsApp. It’s a very banal scam, but given the festive period, it could prove to be more effective than usual.

They are messages that contain links to web pages infected with viruses. By following these links you can compromise the integrity of your smartphone or computer. In addition, you will be exposed to invasive advertisements and you will be induced to provide sensitive personal data or register for subscription junk services. The links are generally disguised as greeting messages. To read them you must click on the links attached to it.

Whatsapp: the New Year virus steals data from iOS and Android phones


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It is therefore correct to point out that the so-called New Year’s virus is a cheap scam that spreads through WhatsApp. However, Whatsapp is the most popular messaging client, and therefore it is easier for such scams to spread in it. The advice is obviously NOT to follow the link and possibly block the sender if it is not known. If it is, it should be pointed out to him that his device has probably been compromised.

It is worth to mention that WhatsApp is currently working on a feature that will allow group messages to automatically delete after a set time. This way, it can seamlessly decongest the messages in groups. However, this is not a function for individual 1-to-1 chats. As of now, you can’t go a few months back on a WhatsApp group without finding that some messages are missing.

We can assume that this feature should be seen as a cleaning tool for groups. This means that groups will no longer have to keep hundreds or thousands of messages within a few days. Sometimes, it’s scary to see over 500 messages waiting for you on a group because you’ve been out for a few days. This feature also ensures that the number of messages you see is the most recent.

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