Apple Watch kicks off 2020 by saving another life

There is no doubt that Apple Watch is the best smartwatch ever on the market. Especially for its impressive heart rate monitoring capabilities. Over the past year there has been a lot of news about situations where Apple Watch features have ultimately saved the lives of its users. Well, it looks like 2020 will be no different.

Just a few days after the start of the year, the first story emerges where Apple Watch’s heart monitoring saved the life of a Brazilian man.

Apple smartwatch saves a user again

According to Jorge Freire’s account on Facebook, he was coming back from a trip to Sao Paulo when his Apple Watch started to vibrate constantly. Then he came across the message “Your heart rate has been over 140 for over 10 minutes.”

Apple Watch sleep monitoring

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By checking the values, his heart was at 170 beats per minute. Which is an extremely high value considering that he was just walking leisurely. After trying to get some rest at home, he went to the hospital as his heart rate stabilized at 160 bpm.

As soon as Freire arrived at the hospital and presented the Apple Watch data to the nurses. He was immediately attended to by a doctor who began treatment for tachycardia. This is an extremely serious heart condition that can often end in the worst possible way.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO thank the user

After sharing his story, Freire was extremely surprised to find that he had received a personal email from Tim Cook, Apple CEO. In the short message, Tim Cook thanked Freire for sharing his story. He says that these stories inspire Apple to continue to push the boundaries of its technologies.

It is expected that Apple will launch a new smartwatch this year. It will arrive with improved features and a greater focus on the health field.

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