FBI Agents Stand Up To Apple, Saying It’s Provided Enough Help For Unlocking The iPhones

FBI unlocking iPhones

Last month, a shooting case at a naval base in Florida killed four people, including Saudi gunmen, and injured many. During the investigation of the case, Apple was asked to assist in unlocking the iPhones used by Saudi gunmen.

On Monday, Attorney General William Barr said that Apple did not provide any ‘implementation assistance’ in unlocking the iPhone. Apple subsequently refuted Barr’s claims, saying that the company had shared ‘multiple G’s with the FBI. Moreover, there are also recent reports that some FBI agents have differing opinions on Barr’s claims.

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Some agents said they were surprised by Barr’s words because they thought Apple had provided enough help in the investigation. Other agents are also concerned that repeatedly asking Apple to open the back door to unlock the device in order to access private data stored on the iPhone may worsen the relationship between the FBI and Apple.

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Apple also cited privacy concerns as rejecting requests to open backdoors on the iPhone. Apple wrote in a statement: ‘Apple will not set up any backdoors. Such backdoors will also be used by those who threaten our national security and the security of our consumer data.’ Security experts also said that opening backdoors for law enforcement agencies is will be a privacy nightmare for consumers, putting the privacy of countless innocent people at risk.

In this matter, the conflict between Apple and the federal government continues to escalate this week. The first was President Trump slamming Apple on Twitter on Tuesday. Subsequently, there were reports that Apple was preparing to initiate a lawsuit to defend its actions.

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