iPhone 11 Series Demand Exceeds All Expectations

iPhone 11 series

Recently, Apple has not been performing well outside the US. So there have been many predictions as the iPhone 11 won’t sell well. However, it seems the Cupertino-based company has found the weakest link and fixed it. According to some media reports, because the demand for the iPhone11 series exceeded expectations, the company is ready to launch a cheaper iPhone. This is already resulting in increased demand for the A13 processor. It turns out Apple has asked chip makers to increase the manufacturing capacity.

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The source said in the report that the market demand for iPhone11 and iPhone 11 Pro exceeded market expectations and exceeded Apple’s expectations as well. In order to meet market demand, Apple requested the production capacity of the A13 processors used in this series of iPhones by TSMC. Though the overall demand for the whole iPhone 11 series is quite high, the entry-level model is the main driver.

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iPhone 11

Several analysts also expect better-than-expected sales of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11Pro, especially the iPhone 11. Data from related research institutions show that in October last year, the sales of iPhone 11, iPhone 11Pro, and iPhone 11Pro Max accounted for 69% of the total iPhone sales.

In addition to the iPhone11 sales exceeding expectations, the media also gave another reason why Apple asked TSMC to increase the A13 processor capacity. They think that the low-cost version of the iPhone, which was frequently mentioned in the reports, is similar to the iPhone 8 and will also use the A13 processor.

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