Apple Thinks Respect for Privacy and Security Will Make World Better

Privacy and security

Recently, Kate Adams, Apple’s senior vice president and general counsel, said in an interview that respect for privacy and security is a way to make the world a better place. She said that what Apple launches will not first consider economic benefits and how much money it will make, but rather what products people need and what impact they will have after using the product.

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“We have always firmly supported our principles and always stood up to safeguard our beliefs. Of course, we are also required to comply with laws everywhere. Within the limits, the equipment must be protected and safe”, said Kate Adams.

Apple Kate Adams

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“Our founder Steve Jobs and CEO Tim Cook have been very concerned about privacy. For more than a decade, privacy security has been our core value. And we want to ensure how technology is used in a healthy way.”

However, Apple’s principle of privacy protection is sometimes used by criminals. Because iMessage has no keyword blocking and filtering, some criminals use this space to send spam text messages to Apple iPhone users for profit.

The latest Apple iOS 13.3 system has taken new measures to address this issue. The information on iMessage is divided into “known contacts” and “not in the contact list”. And a spam message filtering function has been added.

Some text messages are automatically sorted into the spam text box. For example, an iMessage from someone who is not in your address book or an Apple ID (that is, a stranger) that the user has not responded to will appear on the spam box.

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