Android Studio 4.0 Canary 9 now available

Android Studio is the official Android application development environment (IDE) based on IntelliJ IDEA. In addition to IntelliJ’s powerful code editor and developer tools, Android Studio provides more features that can improve the efficiency of Android application building. The latest Android Studio 4.0 Canary 9 is now available. 

Android Studio 4.0

This update includes fixes for the following common issues:

Core IDE

Issue # 144182679: New Image Asset lacks support for Android TV channels


Issue # 147039508: Error: IDE recommends a specific version of Libphonenumber, but selecting that version doesn’t actually do anything

Issue # 140154274: Error: Positive warning about errors using too new classes when already checked


Issue # 147207696: Unresolved reference: buildFeatures after updating from 4.0.0-alpha06 to 4.0.0-alpha07


Issue # 147293853: NPE in KeyedExtensionCollector

Gizchina News of the week

Issue # 122928037: DiffUtilEquals is false positive when using an interface with single data class implementation

Issue # 123822220: Circular dependency of android: src and app: srcCompat in layer list xml file

Issue # 146824833: lint-27.0.0-alpha6 Warning.compareTo () method error!

Issue # 147094776: Android Lint: Check if layout XML uses a View Tag that does not correspond to a class that extends View in the category path

Issue # 37065470: Lint cannot check multiple values ​​of the annotations array passed to *Res annotations.

Issue # 37078822: UnusedResources ignore in lint.xml does not work

SDK console

Issue # 147092261: Generate and set encryption keys for dependency information blocks

Issue # 145729105: update apkzlib to support SDK Protect blocks

String editor

Issue # 120747416: Refactoring-> Missing logic for deleting unused resources with dotted strings in ID

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