LG to phase out the G series, V series will compete with Galaxy S series

LG G8S ThinQ

South Korean manufacturer, LG, has no real recognizable smartphone strategy in recent years. However, it appears that things will look different in the future. The company wants to compete with its South Korean brother, Samsung, again. However, this will not be an easy task for LG considering how far it has fallen in the smartphone market. Nevertheless, well-informed sources claim that LG wants to phase out the previous G series. Although the G series had a long tradition, it couldn’t do much against Samsung Galaxy S and Huawei P series. Therefore, it is having a rethink so as to make LG’s smartphone department profitable again.

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LG V Series would compete against Samsung Galaxy S Series

LG wants to be able to offer a USP again. LG USP Pictogram is a collection of infographics for mobile products. It effectively explains the complex functions and specifications of high-end electronic devices. New Android smartphones from the company will have a “wow factor”. In the future, the Android smartphones of the V series will launch at almost the same time as the Galaxy S smartphones. For this to happen, it is phasing out the previous G series. The V series is being moved forward by half a year, thus there should be a new device series in the future.

In any case, the company plans to completely revise its own strategy. Unlike at HTC, there are probably enough resources available for this. As for LG, it primarily earns fresh money through other departments.

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