Apple iMac design patent reveals all-glass redesign with embedded display

Apple may not be synonymous with radical design changes when we’re thinking on their iPhone range. However, the situation is different if we look into iMac products. A new patent emerged a few days ago teasing a new iMac product with an unusual design. While the patent filing doesn’t necessarily point out that a new product is coming, it make us believe that Apple is thinking into a design refresh for its All-in-One iMac computers.


In the patent, the front design shows the iMac with a single glass sheet featuring a curved low portion on one edge residing on the desk. The curved area will serve to hold the input devices. The larger flat are may serve as a house for the embedded display. The glass obviously can’t stand by itself. For that reason, Apple designed a wedge shape stand of sorts to prop the display higher or lower according to the user preference.

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There is an alternative version of the design suggested by the patent. It adds the possibility of introducing foldable glass at the curved section. We’re entering the era of foldable displays, so it makes sense for Apple to start pushing the technology through its products. The company that once has known for its innovative ideas can’t be behind the competition.

As we said before, the patent is not by any means a confirmation of a new iMac. However, it definitely shows that Apple is not afraid to explore extreme designs in the future. Worth noting that this design can be perfectly assimilated with Apple’s clean aesthetic. It features a seamless design language with fewer visible parts. The focus is on look and functionality.


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