Sony PS5 beats the Microsoft Xbox Series X in almost every way

Microsoft has officially confirmed the design of the Xbox Series X. Nevertheless, we are still waiting for the official key details of this console. As for Sony PS5, we may have to wait until February (5th 0r 15th) for some official information to hit the web. As of now, there is no official invitation to the rumored PS5 event which makes the February 15th date more likely. There will be a fight to the finish line for Sony and Microsoft. However, the leaks and speculations, for now, suggest that the PS5 has an edge over the new Xbox.

PlayStation 5

The latest report from a Twitter user @Tidux suggests that the final dev kits of the PS5 are out and it beats the new Xbox in key areas. @Tidux is known for his fairly accurate leaks about gaming products. Here’s the insider’s tweet on the subject:

While both consoles will come with the same processor, the Xbox Series X will get a better GPU. Nevertheless, the PS5 comes with better and faster RAM as well as a bigger capacity SSD. This is just a rumor from a fairly accurate source and its nothing close to official. In all honesty, the better RAM and SSD capacity could influence buyers. However, when it comes to gaming consoles, you will need much more than RAM and SSD to convince Xbox users to swap to PlayStation.

Sony PS5 & Microsoft Xbox Series X previous leaks

The current leak only verifies older speculations which believes that the Xbox Series X will deliver better GPU performance than the PS5. There were also reports that the new PlayStation will feature a faster solid-state drive than the Xbox.

In addition, Microsoft has a marketing plan which may actually work for the company. The company has two models of the Xbox Series X. One is reportedly cheaper than the PS5 while the other is more expensive than the PS5. While this seem to be a good marketing plan, Microsoft has to be careful, it could also be dangerous. The high-end Xbox needs to be obviously better than the PS5 (most unlikely) while the cheap Xbox has to be significantly cheaper.

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