PS5: Announcement, pre-order details and other information may have been revealed

Sony PS5

The wait for news about the PS5 is more than distressing for many fans. At this point, we imagined that Sony itself had already revealed details beyond the logo of the new console. However, the company keeps everything about the next-gen console a big mystery without even suggesting to fans what is actually on its way. Everything we know is that PS5 will be available on the Holidays.

Fortunately, it seems that this long period will soon be rewarded, and we’ll finally get to know the infamous PlayStation 5 officially. According to reliable sources, the new console will be unveiled in February. It will be present at the event called PlayStation Meeting which will happen after February 15. Although several rumors suggested that the revelation would take place at the beginning of the month, our sources confirmed that this was never Sony’s intention. The company has other presentations for investors in the first half of February.

The details don’t stop there. In addition, the report indicates that the pre-sale of the new console should start in March. However, there will be a “willful shortage” of consoles during the first year. Therefore, those who intend to purchase the PS5 will have to guarantee their purchase as soon as possible. Moreover, the sales estimate is around 2 to 3 million consoles this year.

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PS5 units will be scarce for the first year

Unfortunately, for reasons of confidentiality, the actual sources can’t be disclosed. For that reason, we’re using a rumor approach which is made necessary for legal reasons. We need to respect the desire for anonymity. However, the source states that the information came directly from trusted people, aware of Sony’s plans for the coming months.

Until something actually materializes, we aks that you consider the details mentioned as a mere rumor. Even though we are aware of the possibility of being real. We hope for more official news from Sony to appear soon enough. We also leave open the probability of changes occurring in the next few days – especially with regard to the pre-sale of the console.

The source finishes the report stating that Sony already changed the dates for the PS5’s reveal and pre-sale twice. As a result, there is considerable scope for “last-minute changes”.

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  1. uumanebs
    February 1, 2020

    It’s not unusual for consoles to sale for a loss at release. They typically make the money back in software sales and cheaper parts later on. So this decision would make zero sense. Some studios have already said they were making exclusives and unless they’re Sony owned, losing several million potential sales for said games would likely be a huge issue.

    They might have 2-3mil ready to ship right now, but they averaged 10mil ps4 sales per year to date. The first two years tend to be the best years for sales. That’s 7mil of lost sales in consoles and per exclusive in the first year.

  2. Chris Bailey
    February 12, 2020

    They’ve probably been trying to secure deals and or still trying to make the PS5 backwards compatible by using the PS5 software at lower power to instead of emulating the older platforms instead trying to actually make the PS5 play all classic games just like having a PS1, 2,3 and 4 but running at lower power so that they look good but not would be great to see. probably won’t see all games but if they could do backwards compatibly by theoretically making PS5 be a PS1 and so on then it may not have to have license since nothing would be changed and if making it so their not selling the games on the store or at your local Walmart and just making it so we can use the actual disks it may be alright. The problem I think would be the PS3 since it used the complicated architect. But who knows why their taking more time to reveal anything. It’s the only thing I can think of.