Microsoft patent suggests a new Surface Book 3 with a new thermal design

According to recent reports, Microsoft Surface Book 2 is about to usher in its successor, Surface Book 3. From a recent Microsoft patent, Surface Book 3 may come with a new cooling system that can maintain good performance under different processing conditions. The patent shows that this notebook may use a new adaptive airflow system. This patent shows that the system is suitable for Surface series products and Xbox game consoles.

microsoft patent

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Microsoft patent document shows that the new airflow guidance solution can provide the best cooling effect for laptops and minimize device noise at multiple rotating fan speeds. This system also helps improve device performance and increase Surface Book Life expectancy.

The new cooling solution includes a fan (with a special design) that allows air to move outside the device through the fan outlet. The system also includes a flow director near the outlet. The role of the airflow director is to direct air from the outlet and reduce heat generation within the device. 

There is a thermal sensor that detects temperature. This is what guides the performance of the adaptive air feature. The thermal sensor data guides set the fan rotation speed. It can adjust one or more airflow guides to suit a particular fan speed to meet the cooling capacity. According to Microsoft, the new cooling system can provide better cooling for laptops and 2-in-1 notebooks.

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