Huawei asks the U.S. to provide evidence and not use the media to spread rumors

UK Huawei
UK Huawei

In a recent report, Chinese manufacturer, Huawei denies a Wall Street Journal report which claims that the US has evidence of Huawei’s ability to spy with its equipment. Huawei claims that the US cannot provide any specific evidence about the “backdoor” monitoring in its networks.

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“The Wall Street Journal” quoted US government officials as saying, “We have evidence that Huawei has the ability to secretly obtain confidential and personal information from the network equipment it sells and maintains.”

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The Wall Street Journal also states that “according to legal requirements, telecommunication network equipment manufacturers need to leave a backdoor in hardware for the authorities to access the network for legitimate purposes”, but “equipment manufacturers cannot access telecommunications without the consent of the operator”. According to the WSJ report, Huawei violates relevant laws and “can access the network secretly without the operator’s knowledge through the backdoor on its device.”

Does the U.S. really have evidence against Huawei

Huawei recently said, “The Wall Street Journal is clearly aware that the U.S. government cannot provide any evidence to support their allegations. Nevertheless, it still chooses to repeat the lies spread by these U.S. officials. This greatly hurt its credibility. “

According to the Chinese manufacturer, it is impossible to access the customer’s network without visibility from the customer. Huawei cannot bypass carriers, access control and get data from its customers without being detected by all conventional firewalls or security systems.

The Chinese manufacturer said: “The US accusation is just an attention-seeking method. It does not conform to any recognized logic in the field of network security. Huawei did not have it in the past, and it will not secretly invade telecommunications networks in the future.

“We are very outraged that the U.S. government has spared no effort to use cybersecurity issues to slander Huawei. If the U.S. government does find Huawei’s violations, we once again solemnly ask the United States to disclose specific evidence instead of using the media to spread rumors.

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A report by The Washington Post this week reveals how the CIA has been using a crypto company for decades to monitor other countries. However, the US has consistently accused Huawei of being a security threat.

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