Australia joins the US, pressures others to ban Huawei’s 5G

major uk carriers to lobby for Huawei 5G

Recent reports claim that Australia, a staunch supporter of the US, is lobbying other nations to ban Huawei’s 5G. After Britain announced last week that Huawei will participate in its 5G network construction, Australia didn’t find it interesting. In fact, there are claims that some politicians canceled their planned visit to the UK.

UK Huawei
UK Huawei

In early February, British Foreign Secretary visited Australia and held a private meeting with the heads of the Australian Intelligence Department and the Foreign Affairs Commission. Huawei’s 5G issue was one of the topics of communication. The next day, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Australian MP condemned the British decision on Huawei at the meeting, saying it was “very disappointed”. “If Russia lays down infrastructure in your network, how would you feel? Because that’s how we feel about Huawei. “

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However, the US was less than impressed with Australias decision to expose the content of the meeting. The Australian Commonwealth Intelligence Committee delegation was to visit Britain in late March this year. However, it canceled this visit and to visit the US instead to express its dissatisfaction with the British side.

Many European countries will not join the US and Australia to ban Huawei

Despite pressure from Australia and the US, many European countries still align with Huawei. These European countries do not entirely trust Huawei, however, they just do not see enough reason to ban Huawei. In the absence of some “concrete” proof, its the US words against Huawei’s. The question is, “Why should Europe believe the US and ignore Huawei”? Remember that the US and China has its long-running issues that are still on the table.

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Again, in the absence of “concrete” proof, the US could be on a “personal” vendetta against Huawei. In addition to the UK, other governments like France and Germany have also stated that they will not ban Huawei’s 5G technology.

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