OmniVIsion Announced 64MP CMOS, Namely OV64C

OmniVision OV64C

Yesterday, OmniVision released a 64-megapixel image sensor OV64C with a 1/1.7″ optical specification and 0.8 micron. As you guess, it has been designed for high-definition cameras on smartphones.

The sensor uses OmniVision’s PureCel®Plus chip stacking technology and electronic image stabilization (EIS) technology to provide high-end smartphones with high-quality image capture and 4K video performance. In addition, the OV64C also provides a wealth of features, such as a four-in-one hardware pixel reduction algorithm for full-resolution Bayer output, digital crop zoom, and a CPHY interface with fewer pins and greater throughput.

OmniVision OV64C

As the company officially stated, the OV64C integrates an on-chip four-in-one color filter array and hardware pixel reduction algorithm. It can provide high-quality 64-megapixel Bayer output in real time. Under low-light conditions, the sensor can output a 16-megapixel image with four times the sensitivity through adjacent pixels, achieving 1.6-micron equivalent performance in preview and image capture. Under all conditions, the OV64C consistently captures better-quality images and achieves 2x digital crop zoom with 16-megapixel resolution and fast mode switching.

This CMOS uses Type 2, 2×2 micro-lens phase detection autofocus (ML-PDAF) technology to improve accuracy. This is especially useful in low light conditions. Output formats include: 64 megapixels at 15 frames per second (fps); 8K video at 30 fps; 16 megapixels at 30 fps with 4 in 1-pixel merging; 60 fps 4K video and 30 fps 4K video with electronic image stabilization support. In addition, the OV64C also supports triple-exposure interlaced HDR up to 16-megapixel video mode.

Howell Technology stated that OV64C image sensor samples are already available.

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