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Google Assistant has improved a lot these years, with more and more features available, designed to make our lives a little easier, like using it to send messages on WhatsApp. Google now announces a new update of its assistant, which promises to be of great help to millions of users on Android.

Thanks to this new update, Google Assistant will be able to read web pages aloud. The idea is that we can use the assistant to read aloud the content of a web page that we are visiting. It is a function that will make the use of Android and the browser easier for people with vision problems.

Google Assistant will read the content of a website aloud

When you are in a specific article on a web page using the browser, you can ask Google Assistant to read that article. You just have to use commands such as “OK Google, read this page” or “OK ​​Google, read this” and the assistant will start to read aloud the content in that article. Very easy to access it.

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To make it more convenient for the user to follow in the text, the browser will automatically slide as the text progresses. In addition, it will highlight the words while reading them. The user will be able to alter the speed with which the assistant reads and can also choose the desired voice from a selection of voices. Google has sought to use natural and expressive voices, so you will hear a voice in the same way as when someone reads the text.

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Google Assistant can also translate this content in case it is not available in your language. The assistant has the ability to read aloud in a total of 42 languages. But if you want to read it also in another language, you will only have to ask him to translate it and it will read that translation later. The web pages will not have to do anything to activate this function, which is already available to users.

This functionality has already been deployed but has not yet reached all users, so you don’t have to be surprised if you still can’t use it. You should receive it in the next few days.

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  1. Apocryphon
    March 7, 2020

    Ok, great! This is awesome. The problem is that once you tell it to read a webpage, and then go to another and tell it to read that page, it will just reread the first page over again. This is driving me nuts. I tried killing the page but Google will just pull it back up and read it again. Does anyone know how to stop it from doing this?