A new Windows 10 bug: Microsoft has 980 years to fix it

Windows 10

The Reddit user “DeadMan3000” has warned the owners of Gigabyte motherboards to verify that they have not mistakenly set the date beyond January 18, 3001, especially if they intend to install the Windows 10 November 2019 update on their systems.

This, in fact, could “result in a crash on the first boot,” said DeadMan3000. Users can’t resolve that bug even if they try to change the date from the BIOS. The only solution is to reinstall the operating system from scratch.

A new Windows 10 bug: Microsoft has 980 years to fix it

The Youtuber Carey Holzman has shown that the bug affects Gigabyte motherboards with Intel and AMD chipsets. The positive note is that the system is unlikely to automatically set a date after January 18, 3001, so there should be no problems for users.

It’s easy to make typos while entering dates, however, no one should have to deal with startup problems for such a futile reason. Fortunately, we have 980 years and 10 months for Microsoft and Gigabyte to fix this before it’s actually a cause for concern.

More frustrating than the bug in question, however, were the errors caused by Leap Day, which occurred on Saturday. It appears that some systems were not ready for February 29, 2020.

Matt Johnson-Pint, a computer engineer at Microsoft, is collecting some of these bugs on his blog. The problems are widespread, and many of them are still unsolved, so they have a higher priority than the aforementioned 3001 date problem.

This seems to be the year of “calendar” bugs. What do you think of it?

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It is worth mentioning that the American company continues the work of modernizing its OS. After starting the deployment of new icons for its applications, Microsoft is preparing a new interface for the Windows 10 Start menu.

The menu interface, which also plays on the effects of transparency, will also highlight the new icons of applications whose deployment has started with some users in recent days.

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