AnTuTu explains the reasons behind the deletion of its app from the Play Store


We published earlier today that Google has deleted all apps of the AnTuTu benchmarking platform from the Play Store. This includes AnTuTu 3D Bench, AnTuTu Benchmark and AITUTU Benchmark (the latter for the evaluation of artificial intelligence performance). We reported that the reason is probably the repeated policy violations by Cheetah Mobile. There are doubts that it could be the owner of the benchmarking platform.

Now, Amelie Liu, the Global Marketing Manager of Antutu has contacted us to clarify the circumstances of what happened. Here is the entire message that contains clarifications regarding the delete of the apps from the Play Store.

AnTuTu explains the reasons behind the delete of its app from the Play Store

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We noticed an article on your website published on March 8th about our Benchmark apps being removed from the Play store. We appreciate your attention to the matter and we would like to make some clarifications and explainations regarding the issue.
The team had received a notification email from Google on March 7th informing us that Antutu was one of the related publisher accounts of Cheetah Mobile, all Antutu apps were removed from the Play Store. But in fact, we think there is some misunderstanding about it. Antutu is NOT the related account of Cheetah Mobile!!

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We¬†hope¬†that¬†Google¬†can¬†examine¬†Antutu’s¬†account¬†carefully¬†and¬†¬†finally¬†resolve¬†this¬†misunderstanding¬†as soon as possible.
We recall that users should now download the APK files from the official website of the benchmarking platform in order to install the benchmarking app and test their devices.
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