Android phones lose their value twice as fast as iPhone

The world of smartphones continues to be subject to various studies that seek to know the interests of users and the industry, such as that which revealed that 1 in 10 Americans has spent more than $1,000 on their latest mobile. Now, regarding the devaluation of mobile phones, a study company has announced that, today, Android phones lose their value twice as fast as iPhone, and even more so if they are mobile phones of the low range.

Smartphones generally do not maintain their value over the years, but, nevertheless, some smartphones maintain their value more than others. A new report from the BankMyCell company has revealed that today, Android phones lose their value twice as fast as the iPhone, and even more so if they are low-end phones. In fact, it is not surprising that smartphones are rapidly devalued, since a large number of new device launches occur throughout the year.

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The report highlights that flagship Android devices lose value twice as fast as iOS devices. For example, in the first year, on average, the iPhone lost 23.45% of its value; while in the two years the total loss is 45.46%. For its part, Android phones with a price higher than 700 dollars lose 45.18% of their value in the first year, that is, more or less what an iPhone loses in two years.

Entry-level Android devices lose half their value in a year

With a follow-up of the devices for 4 years, the report reflects that the value of the iPhone is in a constant decrease, losing between 23.45% and 33.09% year-over-year. In two years, the average iPhone would lose 45.46% of its original sale value. For its part, in two years the average flagship Android phone would lose 71.41% of its original resale value.

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However, the situation is worse for the economic Android devices, since in a year they lose half their value. The report reflects that low-end Android devices with launch prices around $350 or less lose half of their value in just twelve months.

The report also reflects that, in two years, a mid-range Android phone will lose 79.66% of its value, with 48.65% in the first year and 44.26% in its second. Using these figures of value losses, an Android $299 device would worth around $27 just three years later.

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  1. newphoenix
    March 11, 2020

    The market value does not matter as long as the phone is in use and the user is happy. I use my phone until battery died then buy new one.