iPhone 12: Mass production of the 5nm A14 chip will begin in April


The next iPhone 12 will be among the first smartphones to be able to count on a SoC made with a 5nm production process. We are talking about the new Apple A14. TSMC will manufacture the chip as usual and, according to the latest rumors by DigiTimes, it seems that the mass production of the A14 will start from the month of April.

The news is particularly interesting, as the times coincide with the usual timing of the Taiwanese foundries for the construction of the SoCs that are in use by the iPhones that arrive in the autumn. If confirmed, in fact, this indiscretion suggests that the production of the next iPhone 12 – or at least their SoC – will not undergo significant delays due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Of course, the DigiTimes reports are not foolproof, so we invite you to consider the news keeping in mind that the timing can vary with the evolution of the situation.

iPhone 12 release date?

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According to some analysts, the releases of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 9 could be delayed due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Each year, Apple presents its new iPhones at the beginning of September for marketing a few days later. But faced with the effects of the coronavirus, the American giant could revise its plans.

Bank of America analysts said that the slowdown in Chinese factories would hit the production of the upcoming iPhones. We are talking about the iPhone 12 series and the iPhone 9.

It’s good news for competitors like Oppo, Samsung or Huawei. These companies have managed to slip through the cracks and unveiled their new high-end models.

Bloomberg, which got hold of the analysts’ report, explains that the release of the new iPhone 12, the first 5G compatible, could be delayed by a month, availability around the end of October. Apple would therefore have two options: maintain its keynote in early September, at the risk of seeing the announcement effect fade until the end of October, or postpone the conference for a few weeks.

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