Coronavirus: Chinese facial recognition now works even if you wear a mask

A Chinese company has developed a system that can recognize even partially exposed faces. A technological evolution which follows the generalization of wearing masks due to the Coronavirus epidemic. With the Covid-19 epidemic and the wearing of masks which is becoming widespread in China, the country’s facial recognition system is being undermined. But that was until a company managed to overcome this constraint.

The Chinese system of generalized surveillance can now count on the process developed by Hanwang Technology. They can identify the inhabitants, even when their face is half masked.

According to the company executive interviewed by Reuters, this technology can identify 30 people in the middle of a crowd in a second. The reliability rate would even be 95% compared to 99.5% when people are not masked.

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Huang Lei, Vice president of Hanwang Technology explains that a team of 20 people has been working on the project since last January with the help of technology developed over the past ten years.

It is made up of a database of six million unmasked faces. To this, Hanwang added a sample of masked faces this time to complete the system.

The vice president believes that with this process, the Chinese authorities can cross the images with their own database to identify the names of the people. In addition to their body temperature to find out if they are suffering from fever. The company also has more than 200 client companies in Beijing. They can also take advantage of its advances in this area.

The new coronavirus situation is generating a lot of tension in the world. The epidemic which started from Wuhan, China is now spreading to other parts of the world. As of now, there are over 125,000 verified cases and over 4,500 deaths in China. Italy, is the second most affected nation after China.

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