Microsoft Xbox Series X will use the most complex CPU in history

Microsoft Xbox Series X

The next-generation gaming consoles will not arrive until the end of the year. However, we have loads of leaks and speculations regarding the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series X. Most of these leaks are note official and unverifiable thus we take them with a grain of salt. According to a recent report via Twitter user @blueisviolet, Microsoft’s next-generation console Xbox Series X will use the most complex CPU on a game console. The report sites the CPU clusters and multiple CPU cores in a single cluster. In addition, the chip uses ARM+X86 processor architecture, GFx engine, latest 7nm tech process (N7+), 10 IP. It also has 100+ engineers on its development team.

As interesting as this sound, it is a bit regrettable that this information cannot be verified at present. In addition, due to privacy settings, the relevant AMD staff information cannot also be verified on LinkedIn. Thus, while some will treat this information as a “fanboy” view, others will hold it to heart. Nevertheless, as we said earlier, we have no verification to this information.  

From all the numerous speculations, the upcoming gaming consoles (including PS5) will feature stronger hardware and new technologies. Obviously, the performance will be greatly improved compared to the current generation of hosts.

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Microsoft Xbox Series X & PS5 launch may delay

According to DFC Intelligence, the supply chain problems caused by the growing coronavirus pandemic may cause Microsoft’s and Sony’s next-generation consoles to miss the 2020 Christmas holiday release window. Simply put, the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 will be postponed.

DFC Intelligence claims the outbreak may have a short-term impact on the delivery of Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PS5. It is likely that at least one of the two consoles will not launch in 2020. Nevertheless, even if it arrives, it will not have enough supply. This means that the demand will be higher and so will be the initial prices.

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