Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 Will Be Postponed

Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5

Wccftech reported that the latest news from the game industry research company DFC Intelligence shows that the supply chain problems caused by the growing epidemic may cause Microsoft’s and Sony’s next-generation consoles to miss the 2020 Christmas holiday release window. Simply put, the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 will be postponed. Of course, this is not official information. But there is every reason to think the gaming consoles will be announced later than planned.

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As DFC Intelligence claims, the outbreak may have a short-term impact on the delivery of Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5. And it is likely that at least one of the two consoles will not be launched in 2020. Even if they are released as scheduled, supply will be limited. Also, the initial prices may be higher than expected.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

The source believes that the current economy is in an unprecedented state of uncertainty. Even if the situation will ease within a few weeks, it has already affected the manufacture and release of game consoles.

Will This Affect Demand Of Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5?

This is inconsistent with AMD’s previous report that production has not been affected. But DFC Intelligence did not believe that this represents the failure of the next generation of hosts. Instead, it believed that consumer demand should be ‘stronger than ever’ whenever they launch.

The good news is that consumer demand is likely to be stronger than ever. Demand will far exceed supply and long-term that could increase overall sales. In addition, the abundance of government and public caution should help assure this is a comparatively short-term crisis.

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will release to record consumer demand. The challenge Sony and Microsoft face is making sure they release systems that meet expectations. Given the current situation, waiting to make sure they get the initial product right is the most prudent choice.

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