The augmented reality of Google Maps is about to become more accessible

Google Maps

Google Maps unveiled an interesting feature last year that combines walking navigation with augmented reality, offering an immersive and more accurate navigation tool.

In the last hours, details have been leaked online about a new possibility of accessing the Google Maps Live View AR. The feature would consist precisely in being able to access the augmented reality view without the need to start navigation on foot, simply search for a specific place. Those who have received the new feature, they see the button on the Live View AR when clicked on a particular place.

Google Maps AR

Google is currently testing the new feature and we assume that the latter has been distributed via server update to a number of users who have installed the Google Maps beta (this is the link to sign up for it). Let us know if you have received it.

It is worth mentioning that recently, A man has decided to fool Google Maps by believing that there were traffic jams. He used 99 smartphones and a cart for that. This way he managed to deceive one of the best GPS and navigation services today and also, in such a simple way, that no one had thought of it yet.

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Every day, millions of people use their mobile phones as GPS navigation tool when they are driving. Google service maintains an excellent update of the roads and the state of them, including traffic. If Google Maps detects that there is a traffic jam or slow traffic, it will redirect us to another less busy route and speed up your trip. Now, as long as Simon Weckert does not cross your path, because this man has managed to fool Google Maps.

Simon Weckert has won the title to one of the greatest “trolls” of the moment by grouping so many phones in one place (inside a cart) and moving them slowly along the center of the road on a street. He made Google Maps believe that each of those phones belonged to a vehicle. So if there were so many moving at such a low speed, it implied that there was a traffic jam, marking that way in the application.

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