COVID-19: Google, Facebook and others join forces to fight misinformation


The new Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a global pandemic forcing many societies to change. In order to limit community transmission of a virus that is new for scientists, health experts recommend that people engage in “social distancing” by staying at home as much as possible and avoiding any public gatherings. Some countries are forcing people to stay at home, after all, health systems can’t fight against a virus that spreads so quickly as COVID-19. The virus is being studied by epidemiologists constantly, thus giving room for some conspiracy theories. Some of them are just here to disseminate fake news and take advantage of the fear and chaos. To fight against this invisible and terrible menace, tech giants such as Google and Facebook are joining to combat misinformation.

In a joint statement, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit, and Twitter revealed that they are working closely together to reduce misinformation about COVID-19. Each company will use their respective platforms and self-operated channels to inform users on the actual, verified facts that we know of so far. Reddit, for instance, guides users to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Everything you need to do is search for Coronavirus or COVID-19 in the official app.

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Google recently released a new update for Discover service to allow users to report misleading or sensational news. Most people today get news through the Internet and social media, the largest of which are owned by these aforementioned giants. It’s vital for us to keep getting information about the virus to contain its spread. So such a measure from these companies is something remarkable at this point. The pandemic is affecting all these companies, but it’s good to see that they aren’t just sitting and waiting.

Misinformation about the new coronavirus is contributing to mass panic

The Misinformation regarding the ongoing pandemic is contributing to mass panic. It can negatively affect the efforts to contain the outbreak. Having good and clear information is one of the most important parts of the COVID-19 crisis. So always refer to sources backed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, check official sources such as your local government agencies. We at Gizchina we’ll try our best to keep bringing relevant news about COVID-19 pandemic. After all, we’re all together in this fight.

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