Samsung Galaxy S20 sales are lower than the Galaxy S10

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A month ago we told you all the details of the new Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra. All of them were put up for sale a few days ago, specifically on March 13. It has not yet been a week since it was put on sale, but they have been in presale for a month with the active marketing campaign. Today we have bad news for Samsung, as the figures indicate that the company is not achieving too successful sales. The problem? The Galaxy S10 and the COVID19 crisis. Both factors are causing sales to go below expectations.

Selling less than with the Galaxy S10 is something the company already expecting. Every year the sales of its high range fall compared to the previous year, something that has been happening since the Galaxy S5. This model sold 40 million, while the Galaxy S10 got 36 million units. This year the figure could drop further.

Galaxy S20: They are good devices, but users are not buying

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For a little over a month, the COVID19 crisis has been ongoing different countries around the world. It started in China and is now flourishing in Europe and West Asian countries. In several countries of the world, there is confinement and restriction of activity, which paralyzes the normal life of people. At the moment, buying a new smartphone is not the priority of users, so all companies are seeing a drop in revenue.

In turn, the components take longer to arrive from China and there are problems with various supplies to the factories. If we combine all this with the supposed world crisis that has loomed, the result is that the $1,000 mobiles have a difficult time in the coming months.

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Today’s news tells us that Samsung has slightly paralyzed component orders to manufacture the Galaxy S20. Several industry experts confirm that the Galaxy S20 is selling less than the Galaxy S10, with the Ultra model being the best-selling of the three devices.

We are not facing something negative for users, but something that could affect the company for future releases. We will see how the sale of the Samsung Galaxy S20 progresses during 2020 and what figures the company gets when the year ends.

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