iOS 13 has a new bug that consumes a lot of mobile data for no reason

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The various bugs in an operating system are the nightmare of any programmer. They can be unpredictable and inexplicable and cause all sorts of strange things. No matter how well a system is designed, there will be bugs in it and when it is as complicated as an operating system then there are usually many of these problems.

While most errors cause minor inconvenience, others can have serious consequences. Unfortunately, a bug of the second type has hit iPhone users for months and Apple doesn’t seem to have found a way to deal with it.

This bug, which has been bothering iPhone owners with iOS 13 for months now, allows steady data usage without any intervention. The issue is not universal and for those who are experiencing it, data leakage occurs at different rates. The problem was reported by users on many sites a few months ago, shortly after the release of iOS 13 (although some users experienced it from the beta version).

iOS 13 has a new bug that consumes a lot of mobile data for no reason

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Gordon Kelly of Forbes shed light on the issue and reported a large number of user complaints. The culprit in all cases is the “uninstalled apps” you can find in Settings> Mobile Data. “Removed apps” should show mobile data used by apps you’ve already removed from your phone, but obviously not working properly.

In their quest to find a solution, users have tried almost everything. By completely resetting their phones and removing each application separately, however, nothing could help with this error. Uninstalled applications retain the data and while for some they only catch a few kilobytes a day or maybe a few megabytes, for others there are hundreds of megabytes or even gigabytes.

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One user solution was to restore the device to iOS 12.4.1 but this poses the problem of the inability to connect to the new Apple Watch, as it requires iOS 13. Others have created a data plan with a data usage limit so they can use the phone normally.

As expected, Apple’s support department has contacted everyone affected and Gordon Kelly himself, but they all got the same answer: Apple knows the issue and is working on a solution. However, the company refuses to give an exact date on when the problem will be resolved.

Users using iOS 13.4 beta are still experiencing the data leakage problem, which means either that the problem is extremely difficult to fix or that Apple engineers have not yet identified the cause of the whole issue.

The error is probably more widespread than you might imagine, as many iPhone users may not know it because they do not regularly check the “Uninstall” tabs.

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